Overwatch screenshot of the hero Baptiste

Overwatch's newest support hero Baptsite arrived onto the live servers two weeks ago, bringing with him a whole bunch of quality balance changes and bug fixes. Much like the previous hero and map releases, Baptiste was initially available only in the non-competitive game modes, all in an effort to avoid the classic Overwatch problem of people picking a hero they know literally nothing about and then throwing the game because of it.

The two week lockout period has now come and gone, however, which means that Baptiste is now fully available in Competitive Play as well. So if you've been away for a little while, make sure to check out what exactly Baptsite does before you queue up, especially considering how strong his immortality field is when nobody actually focuses on it!

You can get a pretty good overview of Baptiste's abilities by visiting the official website, though I'd personally recommend just checking him out in the training area. If you can't play right now but you're still curious about what his abilities look like in action, here's the recently posted trailer showing off what Baptiste has to offer:

As for whether Baptiste is any good or not in a competitive setting, I'm still not exactly sure as I've only played a couple of games with him, but from what I can tell so far I'd say he is actually nicely balanced. I never felt particularly annoyed at having to fight against him, and I never felt like I couldn't rely on him to heal me in the middle of combat if he was on my team. So much like Hammond/Wrecking Ball, I think Blizzard managed to strike a pretty good balance with Baptiste! 

So if you have a bit of free time, I'd say it's well worth trying to learn how to play him. Just please don't be that guy that ignores his healing capabilities and plays him like a worse version of Soldier 76 - it really doesn't work. That little bit of warning aside, I wish you the best of luck in Competitive Play!