Overwatch Lunar New Year CTF mode showing Roadhog and Mei

Overwatch's Lunar New Year update has recently arrived, bringing with it the usual batch of new cosmetics and voice lines to mess around with. What nobody could've expected, however, was that the update would also come with a wide variety of highly requested quality-of-life changes and bug fixes. For example, you can now change the opacity of objective markers so that they no longer block your sight when viewed from a distance, and perhaps more interestingly, Hanzo and Genji's wall climb ability has been made significantly more reliable so you won't just die humping a wall.

The update has also added some minor but still extremely welcome buffs to Doomfist and Reaper. Neither change is so massive that it's going to impact the hero's playrate in any significant way, but it's still a welcome adjustment as it makes both Reaper and Doomfist just a little bit more consistent - something a hero that operates entirely in melee range desperately needs. You can read about all of the changes, as well as the bug fixes, over at the official forums.

Overwatch Lunar New Year skin for Genji

I'd say Genji wins this event's "best new skin" award

On a slightly different note, the Lunar New Year update has introduced a newly reworked Capture the Flag game mode, as well as a competitive ladder dedicated solely to it. There are a lot of changes to go over, but the two most important things you need to keep in mind is that movement abilities no longer work while carrying the flag and that the mode can no longer end in a draw! It's still not exactly balanced given that some heroes like Roadhog and Lucio feel nigh mandatory given how useful they are in most situations, but it's still leagues ahead of what we had last year, and as such I'd say it's well worth a try even if you aren't a fan of CTF in general.

The whole event will last until March 5th, while the competitive CTF season will last four weeks in total. You can learn a little bit more, or just check out some of the new cosmetics, over at the trailer down below. Have fun, and good luck with the new skins!