Overwatch screenshot of Reinhardt and Ana playing Capture the Flag

Overwatch's Lunar New Year update is set to arrive later today, bringing with it a whole bunch of new cosmetics to collect, a couple of minor balance changes, and some much-needed bug fixes. Perhaps most importantly of all, it will bring with it a newly reworked Capture the Flag game mode, as well as a four-week long competitive season dedicated just to it!

If you have a bit of time and you're looking for all of the details you'll find the latest developer update video right below. On the other hand, if you're just looking for the 'short' version, I'll add my summary as well. Have a look:

Capture the Flag has been reworked from the ground up in order to remove all of the annoyances the community has been complaining about for an entire year now. First and foremost, the CTF game mode can no longer end in a draw. Instead, there will be a sudden death mode that places all players near the middle in order to force one final (and hopefully epic) confrontation.

Similarly, most movement abilities will no longer work while carrying the flag, which should go a long way towards promoting more aggressive lineups and playstyles. In order to compensate for this change, however, the flag can now be picked up instantly, which again should help promote aggression over turtling strategies with Bastion/Torbjorn/Symmetra. The exact list of abilities that will or will not work while carrying the flag has not been revealed just yet, but it does appear that any sort of mobility or teleport will immediately drop the flag.

As for competitive CTF, it's going to work pretty much exactly like normal competitive, albeit with a shorter season since it will only last 4 weeks. In terms of rewards you can expect to see a brand new spray and icon for everyone that finishes their placement matches, as well as an exclusive icon and animated spray for Top 500 players.

The final and perhaps most interesting announcement is that this update will bring with it the very first CTF map - Ayutthaya. Not much is known about it so far, but according to Jeff Kaplan it was designed with CTF in mind, so it should support a wide variety of playstyles and compositions. What exactly that means in gameplay terms, we'll find out soon enough as Ayutthaya and the Year of the Dog update are coming later today.