Overwatch Lunar New Year screenshot of the Lu Bu Reaper skin

I hope you have managed to stock up on in-game credits as Blizzard has just announced that Overwatch's third annual Lunar New Year event will be arriving a bit sooner than expected. Instead of early February, Blizzard has now announced that the Lunar New Year event will appear this January 24th on both PC and consoles.

While the exact details have not been announced just yet, I think it's safe to say the upcoming event will bring with it a variety of new cosmetics and emotes, all of the previous Lunar New Year skins, as well as the hopefully triumphant return of the competitive capture-the-flag mode. Given that we haven't received a new map in quite a while it's also possible that Blizzard will use this opportunity to introduce the second CTF-exclusive map, though at this point it's all pure speculation on my part.

More details will be coming soon as Blizzard is bound to begin teasing the new cosmetics, so if you're curious and you don't mind ruining some of the surprise, make sure to keep an eye on the official Twitter. If you don't feel like hunting all of the different posts down, worry not as I'll also have an article covering all of the various new skins in the near future.

That's pretty much everything you need to know about the Lunar New Year event, but if you're curious about the future of Overwatch itself, you might want to check out the latest PTR update. It has brought with it significant nerfs to armor as well as Brigitte and D.Va, while also buffing poor ol' Reaper. While they might appear insignificant at first glance, the changes are pretty damn massive, so you might want to familiarize yourself with them before they go live and potentially change the competitive meta. Have fun!