Overwatch screenshot of Moira's highlight intro

Blizzcon 2017 has now arrived, bringing with it an absolute ton of new announcements. The most exciting of these new reveals, at least for Overwatch players, should be the imminent arrival of a brand new hero - a Talon affiliated support by the name of Moira.

Her biotic abilities allow her to drain life from her enemies in order to heal herself and her teammates, conjure orbs that deal area-of-effect damage or healing, and most annoyingly for everyone else, an option to teleport around on a relatively low cooldown (6 seconds). Fans of 'classic' Overwatch memes will also be happy to hear that her ultimate gives her a long-ranged beam, and yes, you can indeed use it to 'snipe' people. Here's what all of it looks like in-game:

While Moira's aiming requirements aren't nearly as strict as Zarya's, you're still going to need a steady hand in order to track both enemies and allies alike. A similar story goes for her bouncy orb because its a relatively slow projectile, so if you don't set it on a good course its going to be a complete waste of a cooldown. This might be a bit premature, but I have a distinct feeling that Moira is going to be a high skill ceiling hero like Ana, a hero you really need to master before you can truly start kicking ass. So if you do decide to play Moira be prepared to have your first few games be utterly humiliating, but don't worry, that's just all part of the learning process!

Moira and her terrible fashion sense will be coming to Overwatch in the very near future, though no exact release date has been announced just yet. If I was a betting man, however, I would put my chips on her appearing on the PTR within a week. Sombra arrived onto the PTR a mere few days after Blizzcon 2016, so chances are Moira will as well. I certainly hope so as the world sure could use more support heroes, especially ones that are tuned more towards aggression!

Overwatch screenshot of Moira healing from up-close

Overwatch screenshot of Moira using life-leech

Overwatch screenshot of Moira using her ultimate