Overwatch screenshot of D.Va from her Shooting Star cinematic

If you ever wanted to give Overwatch a try, but you weren't exactly keen on buying it at full price, you might be interested to hear that it's currently $12 as a part of the Humble Monthly bundle. The one catch is that the September bundle will only last for another 6 days, so you might want to hurry up and make a decision before its too late.

As for whether Overwatch is actually worth your time and money, I would say the answer is a definitive yes. There are some balance issues here and there, as is tradition, but for the most part Overwatch is a thoroughly enjoyable experience and has been since the very day it launched. It also helps that it gets major updates every month or two, so even if you decide to take a break like I frequently do, there will be always be something interesting to suck you back in soon enough. As such, for $12 I would say that Overwatch is a steal!

On a slightly different note, it's also important to mention that the Humble Monthly is a subscription service. In other words, if you're only planning to grab it for Overwatch and you don't care about the next month's offer, just make sure to cancel your subscription while it's still fresh in your mind. You'll still get to keep Overwatch and all of the bonus games from this month, so there's really no downside for subscribing and unsubscribing whenever you see something of interest.

And since the latest update has brought in D.Va's home city of Busan into the game, allow me to leave you with her cinematic short. Enjoy!