Young Reinhardt screenshot from cinematic short

[Update]: Overwatch update has brought in some excellent buffs for McCree, Orisa and Roadhog.

It only takes a couple of games on Overwatch's Hollywood or Volskaya maps to realize how irritating elevators can be. If you're trying to reach a high ground in order to participate in a win-or-lose battle, the last thing you want to see is an elevator that's just leaving, yet that is unfortunately what tends to happen quite often given their endlessly looping nature.

Thankfully, this will soon be a thing of the past as Overwatch's next update will make elevators politely wait for players before moving. Not only that, but the elevators will be significantly faster once in motion, which should help alleviate the difference between heroes with high and low mobility on the aforementioned maps. A small change, but certainly a welcome one!

Speaking of which, Blizzard has also implemented another tiny quality of life feature that has been missing since the very beginning - a sound effect to indicate that a friendly Reinhardt has just used their earthshatter ultimate. So instead of a mere 'SLAM' followed by random screaming, Reinhardt will now yell out “For the Crusaders!” so that everyone has a chance to follow up on his attack.

The PTR update has also greatly improved the profanity filter. You now have three different settings to choose from in order to dictate how much nonsense you want to see, as well as the ability to set unique settings for each communication channel. And if you don't particularly care about any of this, worry not as the unfiltered option isn't going anywhere.

You can read a little bit more about this upcoming update, as well as check out the various bug fixes, over at the Overwatch forums.