Overwatch screenshot featuring Tracer, Torbjorn and Lucio

In an announcement that arrived as a bit of a shock to me, Blizzard recently came out to say that 25 million players have gotten their hands on Overwatch over the past year. I knew Overwatch was popular, I mean I've spent well over 300 hours on it already, but 25 million players spread across three platforms is quite the impressive number... although, it might be a bit too impressive.

While Blizzard never came out to official confirm this, I think its safe to assume that the number includes every account ever created. In other words, the numbers are probably inflated from all of the free-to-play weekends and alt-accounts, but even so I have no doubts that Overwatch has been a wild success for Blizzard. And for good reason! Not only is Overwatch great from a purely gameplay perspective, but its also one of the rare few games to receive constant high quality updates.

The recent Year of the Rooster update brought with it numerous balance changes and a new Capture the Flag game mode, the developers have released yet another Developer Update video discussing their plains for the future, and if that's just not enough for you, there's apparently a new balance patch just around the corner! If Blizzard continues onward like this they might actually reach their 25 million mark in the years to come, but this time for real!