Bastion from the Overwatch animated short

When you have a game as diverse as Overwatch not every hero is going to be viable at all levels of play. Junkrat for example is a great hero at the lower ranks, but as you climb higher his lack of accuracy starts becoming a serious detriment, hence why most higher ranked players tend to avoid him. But there is unfortunately one Overwatch hero nearly every skill tier tends to avoid - Bastion. As it turns out, having the potential to dish out insane amounts of damage does you little good when you're a sitting duck for every enemy projectile.

There is some hope on the horizon, however, as Overwatch's Principal Designer Geoff Goodman just recently posted a couple of Bastion changes they're going to release onto the PTR (Public Test Realm) in the near future. Here's what you can expect to see:

"Recon Mode - Lowered spread and increased magazine size, to help with general viability in this mode.

Sentry Mode - We're looking at focusing this mode into more of a tank-buster and barrier-buster mode, while also making it feel less suicidal to be transformed. To that end we're testing stuff like increased spread and removing headshots, but taking less damage while transformed.

Self-Repair - We've been testing a few big changes to this that are feeling really good so far. Currently our internal build has Bastion able to use Self-Repair while moving and also having it no longer interrupted when taking damage. To balance that out it is now on a resource system (similar to the route D.Va's defense matrix went). These changes have turned this ability from a more niche rarely used ability, to a much more powerful and core survivability tool."

The Recon Mode and Self-Repair buffs are most definitely great additions, but I'm not so sure about the Sentry Mode changes. On one hand its great that Bastion is getting a way to mitigate damage while transformed, but the loss of accuracy and headshots is seriously going to affect his matchup against tanks and targets at range. Bursting down shields is great, but you also want to kill the now-exposed enemies, not just spray in their general direction and hope you hit. Then again, maybe this is where the buffed Recon Mode is going to come into play as a sort of 'clean up' tool... now that would be interesting!

Whatever the case may be I look forward to having Bastion as an actual character, rather than just something people pick to annoy their teammates. As for when exactly these changes will arrive, Blizzard has simply stated that a new PTR build will be "coming fairly soon". I, for one, can't wait!