Overwatch artwork showing off McCree

[Update #2]: Good news! Blizzard has now released a Cassidy/McCree comic alongside an in-game collection event!

[Update]: I'm afraid the update was extremely uneventful. All that happened was that McCree was renamed to Cole Cassidy. There was no event, no story, and no in-game explanation.

Due to the recent streak of sexual harassment accusations, and Blizzard's new policy to remove any and all references to employees from their games, Overwatch's McCree will be getting a name change. However, instead of simply renaming him and calling it a day, the whole thing will be handled through a lore-focused update this October 26th.

Whether this will be a comic, a short novel like they've done in the past or perhaps something we can engage with inside Overwatch itself, nobody currently knows. What I can tell you is that there will be a fair few arguments about what to call Overwatch's favorite gunslinger over the next few weeks as Jesse McCree's real name has now been revealed as Cole Cassidy.

On a slightly related note, Blizzard has also launched a brand new Experimental update filled with some rather strange buffs for McCree, Torbjörn, Moira and Junkrat. Here's what the Overwatch team is considering:


The Overload change allows Torbjörn to use Overload a bit more aggressively, instead of purely saving it for defense. When combined with the Rivet Gun change, Torbjörn will be able to dish out more damage more frequently, especially at close range.


- Cooldown Reduced from 10s to 8s

 Rivet Gun

- Alternate fire ammo consumption reduced from 3 to 2 per shot


This change to Deadeye allows its faster damage ramping to happen earlier, allowing it to be threatening to enemies more quickly than before. This change will help strengthen an ability that is often considered fairly weak compared to other heroes’ ultimates. Combat Roll being able to be used in the air is a nice quality of life change, but it is also a potentially powerful change when fighting against heroes with big vertical knockbacks such as Doomfist and Wrecking Ball.


- Initial slower damage ramping speed duration reduced from 0.8s to 0.5s

 Combat Roll

- Can now be used while in the air


This change allows Moira to get more power out of both of her Orbs, rather than them often using just a portion of their total potential before flying away from their targets.

 Biotic Orb

- Slowed speed when it has a target has been reduced from 27.5% of normal, to 15% of normal


The main goal of these changes is to increase Junkrat’s overall potential power, especially at close ranges, while weakening his long-range spam potential. Direct hits within 15 meters will now do massive damage, while area damage and long-range direct hit damage will be much lower than before.

 Frag Launcher

- Impact damage increased from 40 to 90
- Explosion damage reduced from 80 to 60
- Added falloff to the impact damage
- Between 15 to 25m, impact damage reduced to 20% (18)
- Knockback amount reduced slightly

With the past few updates it was fairly easy to tell what was a good change and what wasn't, while this time around I must admit I have absolutely no idea what to think about most of this. The only thing I know for sure is that Torbjorn doesn't need a buff given that he's actually a fairly strong hero in his current state. Not a hero that fits every role and map, mind you, but certainly one that can overperform when you play to his strengths.

Whatever your thoughts on the changes may be, I'd highly advise hopping in-game and giving them a try. Have fun, and I'll make sure to let you know once the McCree Cassidy update goes live.