Soldier 76 from Overwatch slamming his rifle into the camera

As with any competitive game that forces people to work together, Overwatch has a bit of a problem with toxicity. It also doesn't help that for the past year or so the report system has largely been ineffective, dishing out such minor punishments as chat bans to some of the most vile members of the community.

Thankfully, Blizzard has started treating this problem a bit more seriously over the past few months. The first phase of the plan gave the report system the ability to actually deal with the problematic players, and soon we'll be getting even more changes in an effort to make the whole system a lot more transparent and a lot more effective. If you're interested in all of the details, you'll find what you seek in the most recent Developer Update right below:

If you don't feel like watching the whole video, however, here's a brief rundown:

Over 20,000 players have recently recieved an email indicating their reports have resulted in an action. Eventually these notices will be given out directly in game, but for now this is just a test run.

480,000 accounts have recieved disciplinary actions so far, 340,000 of which were due to reports.

The Overwatch team is adjusting how heavy the punishments are, though there will be no low-priority system like in Dota 2.

Unfortunately, the Overwatch team is spending far too many resources on trying to improve the community rather than improving the game, hence why some quality-of-life features are still missing.

The last part of the video is mostly Jeff calling players to be respectful and friendly towards one another, though I fear the people who need to see this message are not the ones that are going to be watching it.

In order to end all of this on a positive note, allow me to share with you the recently posted behind-the-scenes video for Junkertown. Its a bit on the lengthy side, but its well worth checking out given how much insight it gives into Blizzard's design process and the overall lore. Enjoy!