Roadhog and Junkrat flying away from an explosion

After its existence has been leaked many, many months ago, the Australian Payload map Junkertown will soon finally be making its way to Overwatch. To be more specific, you can expect to see Junkertown in all of its 'glory' on September 19th, most likely alongside a patch featuring the highly divisive D.Va and Mercy reworks.

Balance changes aside, if you're wondering what Junkertown is all about, and how Blizzard even came to design it, you should definitely check out the recently posted preview video down below. Its a bit on the lengthy side, but I feel its still well worth a watch given how much behind-the-scenes commentary it contains. Anyway, Have a look:

If you really want to immerse yourself into all of the Junkertown and Roadhog/Junkrat lore, make sure to also check out the two original trailers. The first one is a hilarious cinematic short starring Junkrat and Roadhog as they attempt to devise the greatest plan the world has ever seen, while the second is a brief tour of Junkertown and all of its most notable areas. And finally, if you would like to see how Roadhog and Junkrat even met, you'll find what you seek in the most recent "Wasted Land" comic. Enjoy!

Wasted Land comic artwork featuring Roadhog from Overwatch