Heroes of the Storm artwork for Lucio

Overwatch's recent Lunar New Year update brought with it a whole bunch of new cosmetics and bug fixes, as well as a freshly retuned Capture the Flag game mode. Unlike last year, this new version of CTF does not allow players to use most movement abilities while carrying the flag, and perhaps more importantly, ensures that matches can no longer end in a draw because both teams have decided to turtle up.

While these changes have resulted in a noticeably more enjoyable game mode, there are some problems that have managed to get through testing. Most notably, Lucio's ability to keep increasing his speed while wall riding, as well as the possibility for him to wall ride outside of the playable area where very few heroes can actually contest him. As you might imagine, this quickly resulted in most CTF games being decided by which team has the more experienced and better supported Lucio.

With that in mind, I am very glad to say that Blizzard will soon be fixing this problem by making Lucio drop the flag when he starts wall riding. I doubt this will affect his pickrate in any significant way since speed boost and boop are both amazing abilities to have in a game mode based around mobility, but it will definitely make him more fair and less frustrating to fight against.

As for the future, I'm quite curious to see if Blizzard will go after some of the other outliers in CTF. For example, Genji is still capable of wall climbing and double jumping while carrying the flag, and Roadhog is able to use his Take a Breather which makes him just about unkillable for a couple of seconds. Whatever the future might hold, CTF as a game mode is going to be a lot more competitive once this update launches later today on PC and this Wednesday/Thursday on consoles.