Overwatch screenshot of the new Archives Gwishin Bastion skin

Overwatch's third annual Archives event will be running from April 16 - May 6. It'll bring with it a brand new co-op mission by the name of Rising Storm, all of the previous Archives events and their accompanying rewards, as well as a whole bunch of new and old cosmetics to collect.

While the full list has not been released just yet, you might be interested to hear that Blizzard has now released teasers for a good chunk of the new skins. You'll find the images right below, and if you're looking for a more detailed preview, clicking on each one will also send you to an official (and unfortunately a bit low quality) video on Twitter. Here are the skins, in no particular order:

High Roller Wrecking Ball

Overwatch Anniversary 2019 screenshot of High Roller Wrecking Ball

Formal Soldier 76

Overwatch Anniversary 2019 screenshot of Formal Soldier 76

Deadlock McCree

Overwatch Anniversary 2019 screenshot of Deadlock McCree

Scientist Moira

Overwatch Anniversary 2019 screenshot of Scientist Moira

Talon Baptiste

Overwatch Anniversary 2019 screenshot of Talon Baptiste

Gwishin Bastion

Overwatch Anniversary 2019 screenshot of Gwishin Bastion

Circus Junkrat

Overwatch Anniversary 2019 screenshot of Circus/clown Junkrat

Personally, I'm a big fan of most of the skins shown so far. They're not extremely flashy so they fit Overwatch's theme far better than some of the previous ones, but they're still interesting enough to make me actually want to pick them up, especially the Soldier 76 and Bastion ones!

The one skin I do disagree with, however, is the Circus Junkrat. While it does somewhat fit Junkrat's personality, I just can't get over how stupid it looks and how unnecesary it really is given that Junkrat already has two clown/jester based skins. Not exactly a massive problem since Junkrat already has plenty of great skins, but it's sadly a bit of a missed opportunity.

Whatever your opinion on the new skins may be, you can learn a little bit more about the upcoming Rising Storm event, as well as check out any future teasers and previews, over at the official website.