Overwatch screenshot of Wrecking Ball wearing some cool shades

Out of all the holidays and events in Overwatch, the annual Archives events are by far the most interesting. They bring with them a variety of co-op missions to test your skills against, a deeper dive into the history of the Overwatch organization itself, and naturally, a whole bunch of themed skins to mess around with. The upcoming Overwatch: Storm Rising event will be no different.

It'll offer you a chance to play through all of the previous Archives missions, as well as explore a brand new mission where Tracer, Genji, Winston and Mercy will be hunting down Maximillien, a Talon Omnic, through the streets of Havana. The details are currently few and far between, but given the previous two Archives events, the new co-op mission should be a good bit of fun!

On a similar note, it's also likely we'll be getting a fully fledged Havana map in the near future, much like how we got Rialto after the previous Archives event. As for what exactly the map will be about, that I can only speculate on, but I'd say chances are good that Havana will be an escort map (like King's Row) given that the co-op mission will be a chase, and as such require a rather long stretch of map for the team to explore.

Whether I'm correct or not, I suppose we'll see soon enough as the Overwatch: Storm Rising event will be running from April 16 - May 6. You can read a little bit more about it, as well as follow any further teasers, over at the official website.