Overwatch screenshot of the Numbani map

If you've been playing Overwatch for the past few weeks, then you may have noticed that Numbani was completely missing from both Quick Play and Competitive Play modes. You could still mess around with it in the Arcade or as a part of the Overwatch Workshop on the PTR, but for whatever reason it would simply not appear in any of the matchmaking modes.

While it took the community a rather long time to discover there's even a problem, mostly because Overwatch's map choices are entirely random, I am happy to say that things went a lot quicker on Blizzard's end. In fact, according to the latest developer update, the issue has already been fixed!

"Since the arrival of Efi and Orisa to Numbani, it has required some minor care and handling in the Overwatch universe," reads the brief update. "We recently neglected that care and regular service to Numbani international was interrupted. However, with the arrival of the sunny Havana destination, service to Numbani (just as it was before) has also been restored."

"We appreciate the keen eyes in the community who reported this and apologize that it’s taken a couple days to address. Please resume enjoying your Kọfịs Aromo and thanks for your patience!"

While this is a relatively straightforward story, I do have to wonder what sort of events led to only Numbani being excluded from the map rotation. Could it be that Blizzard is planning some updates to the map, perhaps even finally clean up the airport after Doomfist's attack? It wouldn't be too surprising given that the Storm Rising mission was all about finding Doomfist, but then again, it could've just been something as simple as a small error.

Whatever the case may be, I'll make sure to let you know when the Overwatch devs announce any new updates or changes. Until then, have fun in Numbani!