Overwatch screenshot of Sombra looking at the camera

During the recent Overwatch PTR update Sombra received some rather interesting changes. Both her Stealth and Translocator abilities now last indefinitely, though in order to compensate for that boost in power both abilities also received a small nerf - Stealth is now 25% slower and enemies can detect you from 2 meters further, while the Translocator itself became both audible and destructible.

On paper these changes don't sound like a terrible deal, but as it turns out, they left Sombra a lot weaker than where she started from. As such, I am very glad to announce that the Overwatch devs are doing a second round of balance tweaks. Here's what's being changed:

Reverting the detection radius from 4 to 2.

You no longer need to look at the translocator to destroy it, you can now just hit the interact button and it will be destroyed. If you’re standing on a Symmetra teleporter hitting interact will only teleport you to Symmetra’s other teleporter, rather than destroying your translocator.

Dramatically lowered the enemy sound cue for the translocator location. You need to be nearly standing right on it now to hear it.

EMP now works on Wrecking Ball Minefield, disabling the mines for 10s

You can now interrupt reload by hacking.

It might sound a bit silly, but out of all these changes I believe the hacking buff is going to be the most impactful one. Having to go through your entire reload animation before starting a hack on an important target is incredibly annoying, so seeing it behave like the vast majority of abilities is definitely a great thing. The rest of the buffs are pretty dang useful as well, so here's to hoping this version of Sombra will finally find her place in this sniper-dominated meta we live in.

You can read a little bit more about these changes over at the official forums, and naturally, check them out in-game by changing your server location to the PTR on the PC version.