Close-up screenshot of Overwatch's Ashe and her Mardi Gras skin

[Update]: The newly launched PTR patch has now brought in replay sharing, some much-needed Mei nerfs, as well as a Soldier 76 buff!

In order to address the lengthy queue times for DPS players, as well as the massive disparity in skill levels that can occur when too few tanks are in the queue, Blizzard has now released the experimental "Triple Damage" game mode. To put it simply, Triple Damage locks the roles to 1 tank, 3 DPS and 2 support heroes, while also giving some major buffs to tanks in order to make them function in the new environment.

For example, Roadhog's Take a Breather ability now leaves behind a cloud of gas when used. This cloud heals all allies for 25 health per second and provides a nifty 25% damage reduction. So while this doesn't make Roadhog a main tank, it does make him a bit more useful in a team environment. You can read all of these experimental changes, as well as the accompanying bug fixes, over at the official website.

Personally, I'm not exactly a fan of this new ruleset. The tank player simply has way too much responsibility heaped upon their shoulders, while the DPS heroes mostly just run around and play team deathmatch in the background. Still, it was an interesting idea that warranted an actual wide-scale test, and I can only hope this is the first of many such experimental game modes we'll see over the coming months. Who knows, maybe one of them will end up being phenomenal!

Overwatch Mardi Gras Ashe and B.O.B. new skin

If you don't care about experimentation, however, the update has also brought with it Ashe's Mardi Gras challenge. Much like the previous challenges, you'll need to win nine games in any official game mode in order to unlock a couple of cutesy sprays, as well as the titular Mardi Gras Ashe skin. It may only be an epic, but it does look pretty darn good!

This whole event will last until March 9th, so you should have plenty of time to unlock everything, regardless of how bad of a lose-streak you might fall into. Have fun, and I'll leave you with the brief teaser trailer!