Overwatch screenshot of Dragon Symmetra from the Halloween Terror event

While the overall balance in Overwatch is currently in a good spot, there are some heroes that are unfortunately not up to par. For some this is because their abilities are inherently niche and inflexible, and for others it is simply a matter of numbers that keeps them from entering the spotlight. 

If you've played Overwatch for even a couple of months chances are you already know what heroes I'm talking about: Symmetra, Torbjorn, Mei, Sombra, Hanzo and Doomfist. All of them have been at the bottom of the barrel for many, many months now, and as such I am very glad to say that Blizzard is currently looking at tweaking every single one of them!

This doesn't mean that all six of the heroes will be getting a buff and that they will be ideal in every situation, mind you. Some, like Symmetra, are in a dire need of yet another rework before they can truly be considered balanced, while heroes like Torbjorn or Doomfist can easily be fixed with a couple of number tweaks. As such, you shouldn't expect all of the changes to come at once, but rather in small batches over the next few months. 

Mei, Sombra and Doomfist will be the first in line, while Hanzo might follow soon after if the developers like the current direction he's going in. According to the recently leaked patch notes Doomfist will be getting a very nice buff with today's Year of the Dog update, so there is a good chance we'll see Mei and Sombra buffs in the very near future as well! For the rest, however, I'm afraid we're going to be in for a bit of a wait, though that's probably for the best given how complex the task truly is. After all, I don't think anyone wants to see another Mercy situation pop up.