Overwatch screenshot of the graffiti on the Paris map

[Update]: Overwatch's 30th hero Baptiste has now arrived onto the PTR alongside a rather massive balance update.

During one of the Blizzcon interviews Overwatch developers revealed that they have around five new heroes currently in development. Who exactly those heroes will be and what role they will fulfill, Blizzard obviously didn't specify. The only thing they did reveal back then was that Echo, the graceful robot you might remember from McCree's cinematic short, will not be one of the next few additions.

As for the rest of them, we might get some answers very soon as Blizzard has now begun teasing Overwatch's 30th hero. From the looks of things, the character in question will be a Talon support hero by the name of Jean-Baptiste Augustin.

While the odds of this being true are quite high given that Overwatch is clearly missing a healer for the bad guys, I would recommend not getting too attached to Mr. Augustin as Blizzard loves to use misdirection in their teasers. Back when they were doing these sorts of teasers for Wrecking Ball everyone was convinced we would be getting the 'evil' gorilla that staged a rebellion on the Horizon Lunar Colony, while in the end we actually got a sentient hamster driving a ball-shaped mech. In other words, expect the unexpected!

Once Blizzard releases some concrete details, or at the very least a bit of interesting lore, I'll make sure to let you know. Until then, have fun trying to guess what the 30th hero's skillset will be like!