Screenshot of Doomfist from Overwatch

I'm sure that many of you have wondered why the Overwatch team just doesn't seem to introduce a lot of highlight intros, unique emotes, and other such animations. Well, the reason is that creating even the most simple of animations is an extremely skill-intensive and time-consuming process, probably even more so than you might imagine.

If you're curious about what exactly goes into creating an Overwatch animation, as well as how long the whole process usually takes, you might be interested to hear that Overwatch's animator David Gibson has now posted a video showing off how he created Doomfist's hero select animation. Have a look, the video is quite fascinating:

I hope you can now understand why Blizzard takes so long to release a new batch of highlight intros out into the wild. I mean, if an incredibly short Doomfist animation can take an experienced animator five full days to complete, I can't even begin to imagine what a full-length highlight intro might require!

If you're interested in even more Overwatch behind-the-scenes videos, you might also want to check out the creation process behind the Watchpoint Gibraltar map. For those of you more interested in the heroes themselves, however, you'll find rather detailed developer commentary about some of the earliest Overwatch footage over here. So if you're even remotely curious about what goes on behind the curtains of game development, I would fully recommend you give both videos a look. Enjoy!