Overwatch artwork of last year's Uprising PvE event

This shouldn't come as much of a surprise given that Blizzard confirmed it last year, but Overwatch's second annual Uprising PvE event will be coming this April. More specifically, it will be arriving on April 10th for both PC and consoles.

The exact contents of the update haven't been revealed just yet, but it's expected that we're going to be getting last year's Uprising PvE event, as well as a brand new one centered around Blackwatch - Overwatch's clandestine counterpart. The last part is currently an unconfirmed rumor, though it does appear to be a highly accurate one given the contents of the most recent teaser on Twitter.

A vast majority of the teaser is identical to the one we had last year, but the few differences between them are certainly interesting. First of all, the Overwatch logo has been replaced with the letter "A", which I can only assume stands for "Archives". Secondly, the Blackwatch logo appears and stays on screen for a couple of seconds at the 7 second mark. And thirdly, there is a 'glitch' effect that occurs around the 3 second mark and changes the date to one year prior, the file number to 00274, the security clearance from "Confidential" to "Classified", and the name to something that's unfortunately indecipherable.

It's not a lot of information to base any sort of theory on, but it definitely seems to point towards Blackwatch being a major part of this event. Whatever the case may be, we'll find out soon enough as Blizzard has said more teasers will be coming in the near future.