Overwatch screenshot of white Witch Mercy

[Update]: Right on schedule, Overwatch's Anniversary Remix event has now been unleashed.

In an effort to focus all of their resources on the upcoming Overwatch 2 Closed Beta, Blizzard has now announced that this year's Archives, Summer Games and Anniversary events will not be making a return. However, this isn't actually bad news as in their place we will be getting the Anniversary Remix event.

Each of the three currently planned Anniversary Remix events with bring with them all of the previously available game modes (including things like Lucio Ball, Capture the Flag and Archives missions), as well as stylish recolors of some of the most popular skins. And as an added little bonus, the Anniversary Remix event will also bring with it three weekly challenges offering some of the previously limited-edition skins.

Overwatch screenshot of Bastet Ana

The good news doesn't end there because, much like the standard Anniversary update, the Anniversary Remix event will also make all of the previous seasonal cosmetics available through both loot boxes and crafting. So if you're looking to spice up your wardrobe for the upcoming Overwatch 2 Closed Beta, this would be a pretty good time to do so.

The Anniversary Remix event will run from April 5th to April 25th, while the Overwatch 2 Closed Beta will begin a mere day later, on April 26th.

Once all of this arrives I'll make sure to let you know, but for now you can read a few more details about the Anniversary Remix event over at the Blizzard website. Enjoy, and here's a small teaser showing off some of the 'new' skins!

Overwatch screenshot of white cat D.Va skin

Overwatch screenshot of white Oni Genji cosmetic

Overwatch screenshot of white Reinhardt Eichenwalde skin