Overwatch Lucio and Torbjorn fighting against Tracer

[Update]: The Overwatch Anniversary patch has now arrived to the live servers. You can check out all of the changes and cosmetics by heading over here. Have fun!

As is tradition with Overwatch at this point, the upcoming Anniversary event has been accidentally leaked by Microsoft. To be more specific, the folks over at True Achivements have managed to dig up an Xbox Store listing for 50 Overwatch Anniversary Loot Boxes.

The Loot Boxes will come with new Anniversary skins, sprays, highlights intros, emotes, and pretty much everything you've come to expect from an Overwatch event. What exactly these skins will be, that I can't say for certain, but there's a strong chance Hanzo, Symmetra, and Zarya will finally be getting some new legendary skins! This is obviously speculation on my part, but Blizzard has previously said that all three of these heroes will be getting a legendary skin in the near future, and what better time to give them some love than on Overwatch's anniversary?

As for the starting date and duration, the only concrete piece of information we have from the leak is the closing date, June 5th. Since all previous events lasted three weeks (or rather 2 weeks and 6 days), and since Overwatch only patches on Tuesdays, I think its safe to say the Anniversary Update will be arriving on May 16th. So make sure to farm out those Arcade Loot Boxes because you're going to need some serious currency next week!