Blackwatch skin for Overwatch's favorite ninja Genji

As is tradition with Blizzard at this point, the contents of the upcoming Overwatch update have been leaked. Once it finally arrives (most likely tomorrow) the Insurrection update will bring with it a new PvE mode to mess around with, as well as a whole bunch of oldschool Overwatch skins... and yes, this does include the awesome Blackwatch Genji!

If you're interested in a few glimpses of the PvE mode, as well as some of the skins in action, you'll find the recently leaked video down below. It is entirely in French so chances are you won't understand a single word, but most of it is pretty self-explanatory so I wouldn't worry too much. Have a look:

While this hasn't been confirmed just yet, I have a feeling the upcoming update will also add the long-awaited Lucio rework, 2CP (Control) map changes, and the Eichenwalde A-point choke rework. I highly doubt the first two will arrive exactly as they are currently on the PTR, but its certainly a pair of exciting changes I would be more than glad to see on the live servers. Here's to hoping tomorrow will be the first day Hanamura will no longer be known as Drawnamura!

Since I can offer you very little else in terms of useful information, mostly because we're working off a leak that's entirely in French, allow me to send you off with the images for all the new skins revealed so far. Enjoy!

Overwatch Insurrection update Tracer cadet skin

Overwatch Insurrection update Blackwatch McCree skin

Overwatch Insurrection update young agent Mercy skin

Overwatch Insurrection update Widowmaker human cosmetic

Overwatch Insurrection update young agent Reinhardt skin

Overwatch Insurrection update oldschool agent Torbjorn skin

Overwatch Insurrection update Insurrection purple Bastion skin

Overwatch Insurection update Insurrection Orisa skin teaser