Overwatch artwork for Baptiste, the 30th hero

[Update]: Overwatch's 30th hero Baptiste has now arrived onto the PTR alongside a rather massive balance update.

After a couple of teasers and some cryptic comments, Blizzard has now finally revealed Overwatch's 30th hero! As previously speculated, it is indeed going to be a combat medic by the name of Baptiste, though he will not be the second healer for the bad guys as he has already left the Talon organization.

If you're wondering why that has happened, as well as what Baptiste's origin story is all about, you'll find the recently posted trailer right below. Have a look, it's quite an interesting one:

As for what exactly his abilities are, I'm afraid I can offer nothing but a bit of speculation. That said, it does appear that Baptiste will be using some sort of grenade launcher as his primary weapon, and that he will have the ability to create health packs for allies. Whether his grenade launcher will be able to heal like Ana's grenades, I have no idea, but I'm certainly happy to see the weapon included as it was a blast to use in Team Fortress 2! 

Once Blizzard releases more information, most likely as a part of the official trailer, I'll make sure to let you know. Until then, you might want to finish up your placement matches before Season 14 ends on February 28th!