Overwatch 2 screenshot of Mauga, the next tank hero, firing his dual chainguns

[Update #2:] Overwatch 2's Season 9 will bring self-healing to DPS and tank heroes, among other major changes.

[Update]: Mauga has now arrived, and as you'd expect, he's a ton of fun!

With Blizzcon 2023 now upon us, Blizzard has begun releasing all sorts of massive announcements for most of their games. The most exciting bit of news for Overwatch 2 is the simple fact that the dual chaingun wielding Mauga, a fan-favorite character ever since he first appeared in Baptiste's short story, will be the next tank hero!

Before I say anything else, allow me to share with you the freshly posted gameplay trailer. It's one of the better ones Blizzard has released in a while, so definitely check it out:

As is to be expected, Mauga and his two hearts (what??) will be launching alongside Season 8 on December 5th. However, you won't have to wait all that long in order to give Mauga a try as Blizzard has made him available in all non-competitive game modes for this weekend only, or rather until November 5th! And yes, that does mean that Mauga is playable right now!

Since the queue times for tanks are likely to be insanely long for the foreseeable future, Blizzard has also made the No Limits game mode available in the Arcade. So if you want to test out Mauga in a 'proper' match, and you don't mind there being a whole lot more of you running around, the Arcade is where you should go.

Have fun, and I'll make sure to let you know if Blizzard releases any more major announcements for Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 screenshot of Mauga laughing like a maniac

Overwatch 2 screenshot of Mauga from up close