Tyrants of the Moonsea official artwork and logo

[Update]: Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition update has significantly improved the visuals!

Back in March of 2018 Beamdog released a remastered version of Neverwinter Nights, featuring a variety of small but certainly welcome improvements. The Enhanced Edition's release date was also marked by the arrival of three new DLC campaigns: Pirates of the Sword Coast, Infinite Dungeons and Wyvren Crown of Cormyr. The quality between them differed greatly, but even so, they were a pretty fun way of getting a few more hours out of Neverwinter Nights once you were done with the main storyline.

However, if you're looking for something a bit more meaty, you might be interested to hear that Beamdog and Ossian Studios have now released a chunky new expansion - Tyrants of the Moonsea. It brings with it around twenty hours of gameplay and story, a large new world to explore, five trusty new companions as well as five new monsters to use them against, and naturally, a whole bunch of new loot to hoard.

"The harsh frontier land known as the Moonsea is besieged by demons. A mysterious cult has arisen, bent on death and destruction," reads the brief description. "Amid the chaos, war is imminent between the powerful city-states and their tyrannical rulers. Accompanied by the dwarf merchant Madoc, you approach the town of Voonlar just as the worst snowstorm of the year hits. You soon discover that only you can prevent the total annihilation of the Moonsea at the hands of a legendary and ancient evil..."

You can read a tiny bit more about Tyrants of the Moonsea, as well as check out some of the user reviews, over at Steam. Have fun!