Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition screenshot of the upgraded visuals

[Update]: A brand new update has now added HD models & textures to this classic RPG!

Much like Baldur's Gate, the classic cRPG Neverwinter Nights received an Enhanced Edition upgrade back in 2018. However, while the Enhanced Edition certainly made Neverwinter Nights a lot more pleasant to play on modern machines, it unfortunately did very little to improve the highly dated visuals.

A fair few months have gone by since then, which is why I'm both shocked and pleased to announced that not only has Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition just received a massive new update, but that it has significantly improved the visuals as well! Just take a look at some of the comparison screenshots over at the Beamdog website as the difference in quality is quite staggering!

The update has also greatly improved the pathfinding in creature-heavy areas, added a bunch of new doodads to mess around with in the creation tools, as well as corrected a whole assortment of bugs and issues. There is far too much to cover in brief, so if you're curious about the exact details, you can find what you seek in the patch notes.

Long story short, pretty much everything has been polished up and improved in some way. So if you ever wanted to give Neverwinter Nights a try, this would probably be the perfect time to do so!

You can learn more about Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition, as well as see how the new update has been received, over at Steam. Enjoy!