The VR headset Oculus Rift is progressing as scheduled and preorders are set to begin in early 2016, most likely January

In the light of recent HTC Vive delays its good to see that the Oculus Rift is still on track because even though I probably won't be among the earliest adopters I am still incredibly excited for all of the gaming doors VR tech will open.

In a conversation on twitter Palmer Luckey, original founder of Oculus VR, talked about the current progress of the Rift as well as when you can expect preorders to become available. Here are the full quotes:

"Thrilled to share some news: Manufacturing continues to go well, and we are still on-target for an awesome Rift launch in Q1!"

"Preorders are coming soon after new year. Enjoy a stress-free holiday, we won't launch preorders without warning!"

As you can see he didn't mention January specifically so take my words with a grain of salt but I am relatively confident they will announce the preorders right after the team comes back from their holiday and works starts again as usual.

That aside, I'm really interested to see once the Vive finally comes out with their "big technological breakthrough" what the differences between the two systems will be because even though it seems like a minor thing, just competition between two companies, the size of the difference is going to have a big impact on how future VR standards are set.

As of right now however, we can only really speculate. I'll keep you updated if any further information is released.