HTC and Valve seem to have come upon a technological breakthrough with their Vive Virtual Reality headset

A little over a week ago HTC announced that the commercial versions of the Vive VR headset will be delayed until April 2016, but they never specified why the Vive was being delayed.

And now we finally know because engadget was recently at Vive's developer forum in Beijing where HTC's CEO Cher Wang briefly talked about what they are doing with the Vive and why it was delayed so suddenly.

As you might guess from the title, the reason was an unexpected discovery of some sort of technological breakthrough neither HTC nor Valve were willing to talk about just yet. However, all will be revealed in the upcoming CES which begins on January 4th.

When asked why HTC didn't simply release the current version of the Vive and then the upgraded version a bit later Wang had this to say:

"We shouldn't make our users swap their systems later just so we could meet the December shipping date... Why would I buy a handicapped product? You won't like it."

A noble idea for certain but it does make me wonder what could HTC and Valve have found that they'd be willing to let Oculus Rift launch first and potentially seize the market? A better, more cost effective way of getting high quality resolution displays perhaps? Or even improved motion sensors given that the controller and headset underwent a redesign recently.

That last theory might be on to something because the redesign wasn't announced by HTC, rather it was sourced from their website by some very crafty, or extremely bored, people who went through the source code to find the following images of the redesigned headset and controller.

HTC's Vive VR headset seems to have undergone some design changes, the same goes for the controllers as wellAs you can see, these are much sleeker and better looking than their previous versions, and most suspiciously, the rounded sensors on the controllers have either been removed or cowered indicating that perhaps they have invented something better?

Right now this is all speculation but we should have concrete answers once CES starts on January 4th, I'll make sure to keep you updated.