No Man's Sky screenshot of the newly added living ships

[Update]: No Man's Sky's Desolation update has brought in a bit of a survival-horror atmosphere.

I have to give credit where credit is due. Despite the initial version catching a fair bit of criticism, and rightly so, Hello Games didn't stop working on No Man's Sky for a single moment. And now, years after launch, No Man's Sky has slowly but surely managed to transform itself into a pretty darn good game.

With that in mind, I'm happy to say that the updates don't look like they'll be stopping any time soon as Hello Games have just released another major one! This time around they have added mysterious and really cool-looking living ships, new story missions revolving around them, as well as some rather strange space encounters to gawk at.

On a less exciting, but still highly useful front, the update has also added some much-needed quality of life changes. Your entire party can now warp together as a group, thus removing a major source of annoyance from multiplayer games. Similarly, there is now an easy shortcut for instantly dividing your items in half, which will make sharing resources a much smoother process.

But enough about inventory management! You can get a bit of an idea of what the living ships look like, as well as what some of the space encounters are, through the recently posted trailer. Have a gander:

If you prefer the written word, however, you can learn more about No Man's Sky and its Living Ship update over at the official website. Have fun with the new toys!