Overwatch Torbjorn and Tracer fighting Lucio

[Update]: Blizzard is also looking into tweaking Moira and the support category as a whole.

As with any team-based game, whether you win or lose in an Overwatch match depends heavily on how well your team can coordinate. However, despite this being the case since the very beginning, Overwatch currently has fairly lackluster communication options. Sure, the voice chat feature is great, but outside of that there's really no easy way to get your point across.

Luckily, this won't be a problem for long. According to the latest developer update, Blizzard will soon be greatly expanding the Communication Wheel by not only adding a variety of new actions and commands, but also voice acting for each of them in order to make them truly stand out.

So instead of simply spamming "Group up with me" and hoping everyone gets the message, you'll soon have the option to just yell out "Fall back" which will hopefully have a much greater effect. You'll also be able to say "Yes", "Sorry", and perhaps most importantly of all, start a countdown in order to synchronize some combo-focused ultimates like Nanoboost and Dragonblade.

The update will also be adding some major improvements to the Workshop tools, a variety of bug fixes, as well as buffs for Reinhardt and Echo's head hitbox - it'll be a good bit smaller, especially from the back. Oh, I almost forgot the most exciting change of them all! The upcoming patch will finally add a button that resets the basketballs on the ship, thus providing you with even more chances to disappoint your team by missing the hoop over and over again!

To learn more about the update, as well as the Overwatch team's thoughts behind it all, you should check out the latest and rather homely developer update. Enjoy!