Overwatch screenshot of Moira using her orbs

[Update #2]: Overwatch devs are attempting to rework and rebalance Moira yet again, though this time around it looks like it might stick!

[Update]: The experimental update has now gone live with Support changes and a surprisingly big Bastion buff.

Even though she never became as oppressive as pre-nerf Mercy or Brigitte, Moira has always been a difficult hero to balance. All she really has going for her is large amounts of healing and the occasional damage orb, which puts her right on the razor's edge between being too strong and too weak. Give her a buff to healing and she's suddenly in every single game because of how easy it is to get value out of her, but if you ever nerf her healing, she immediately gets replaced with Ana and plummets in pickrate.

A rather tricky problem to solve, but one that Blizzard seems to be eager to tackle. As such, expect the upcoming experimental patch to bring with it some major changes to Moira, most likely focused around increasing her skill cap, as well as potentially giving her a little bit more utility.

Personally, I'm fine with Moira being a very aim-independent hero, so if I was tasked with fixing her, I would focus more on creating interesting risk vs reward dynamics within her abilities. After all, heroes like Reinhardt or Winston can be extremely skill-based without requiring any sort of aim, and I'd love to see that kind of design transferred to Moira as well. A good way to do so would be to make her abilities harder to get maximum value out of, but in return, giving them a few more attributes in order to create a more compelling niche for Moira outside of 'heal spam'.

Overwatch screenshot of Ana's cosmetic skin

It's likely that Ana will be seeing some changes as well

Besides Moira herself, Blizzard is also planning a lot of changes to the support category as a whole, as well as shield-focused tanks. What exactly they have planned, I'm afraid I have no idea, but it certainly seems that Blizzard is looking to push the game into a more action-orientated direction. So perhaps less standing around shields and spamming abilities, and more actually facing off against the opponents directly?

If that truly ends up being the case, I do hope Blizzard will also have the common sense to revert some of the burst-focused DPS buffs. In my eyes, Overwatch could benefit from a general reduction in numbers so that battles take a little bit longer, but every single bit of healing/shielding/damage actually has a major impact. As it stands, it's pretty much an instant shift between someone being perfectly healthy and dead, and that gets quite old after a while.

But whatever the update may bring, once it arrives I'll make sure to let you know. Until then, I wish you the best of luck in Competitive Play!