Need for Speed 2015 is coming to the PC on March 15th

The PC versions of the Need for Speed series have not been in a good spot the past couple of years, to put things lightly. They often came with poor performance, annoying bugs and glitches but worst of all the dreaded frame cap.

There is a shred of hope for the series however as EA has announced today that Need For Speed 2015 will be coming to PC with improved graphics, no frame caps, support for all sorts of peripherals and even manual transmission. Here's the PC reveal trailer:


The PC version of Need for Speed will contain all of the patches and features that arrived as post-launch support for the consoles versions, including both the Icons and Legends updates. The Showcase update however is slated to arrive shortly after launch.

EA has also stated that they will be bringing back manual transmission in to Need for Speed, starting with the PC version and then transferring it to the consoles via a patch at a later date. This feature doesn't sound like much but racing enthusiasts were lamenting its disappearance for years so its good to see that manual transmission is finally making its resurgence.

And speaking of enthusiasts, the PC version will also bring support for a wide selection of racing wheels, peripherals and naturally gamepads. Expect to see Logitech, Thrustmaster and Fanatec products to work straight out of the box.

Need for Speed 2015 graphical quality

Need for Speed already looks great on the consoles so I'm looking forward to seeing how much better can EA make it

As for the quality of Need for Speed as a game that's where things get a bit murky. One one hand its a throwback to the arcade racing classic NFS: Underground but on the other it still has the same terrible rubber-banding system where it doesn't really matter how skilled you are, the race will always be "the same". I'd recommend not preordering and waiting to make your decision once the first reviews go out, just to be on the safe side.

Need For Speed will be making its way to the PC on March 15th and if you own Origin Access you will be able to demo it for free starting on March 10th.