Natural Disasters logo for Cities: Skylines DLC

I am starting to believe that Paradox is now under control of an evil AI as they have recently started introducing a whole bunch of creative ways to absolutely demolish all you have taken hours upon hours to build. It all started with Crusader Kings 2 and its DLC that brings forth the black plague, but apparently that was just not deadly enough as Paradox has just announced a brand new DLC for Cities: Skylines that features a meteor barreling towards the city.

The aptly named Natural Disasters DLC brings with it a whole bunch of new catastrophes to play around with, along with an early warning system and emergency countermeasures for those that might not wish to have all of their work erased. More importantly, however, Chirper gets a whole slew of new hats! Here's the short teaser video:


If you're wondering what exactly Natural Disasters has to offer, here's the full list of features, complete with every single disaster movie pun you could ever imagine:

• Deep, Impactful Gameplay: Keep your city going through the devastation of several possible doomsday scenarios, from towering infernos to the day the sky exploded

• With Great Power Comes Great Response Abilities: Plan for, and respond to, disasters using early warning systems, countermeasures, and new disaster responses such as helicopters and evacuations – finally, a Paradox game where “Comet Sighted” actually means something

• Radio Saved the Video Game: Citizens can go Radio Ga-Ga with a new broadcast network, helping to rapidly spread evacuation warnings and emergency alerts – or simply relax to new in-game music stations

• An Objectively Good Feature: Scenario Mode allows players to design custom game objectives, including custom starting cities, win conditions, time limits, and more – and share scenarios to Steam Workshop

• Chirpocalypse Now: Heck yeah, new hats for Chirper

While no release date is available right now, Natural Disasters will be arriving to Cities: Skylines at some point this winter for players on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Cities: Skyline's newest DLC brings forth meteor showers