Crusader Kings 2's The Reaper's Due DLC brings with it plagues and diseases

Crusader Kings 2 has always been a bit of a niche experience, a strategy game designed for those that wish to delve deep into the politics behind a kingdom, but the upcoming DLC is really starting to stretch how niche CK2 can truly become.

The Reaper's Due, as you might expect given its ominous title, brings with it one of the deadliest phenomena the world has ever seen - the black plague! Here's the rather... bizarre trailer to get you in the right mood, as well as a brief overview of what to expect with The Reaper's Due:


Given that the black plague is the main selling point of the DLC, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise to hear that the biggest new gameplay feature will be the epidemics. They will spread from province to province, along trade routes and sea lanes, lowering your income and available soldiers, and in general bringing misery to any nation that might become affected.

In order to solve this issue you will need to invest substantial funds into hospitals and royal physicians as only the latest technology and Dark Age medical science can help prevent the spread of the plague before its too late. Besides simply not rolling over dead, there is an added bonus for those that expertly manage their provinces and keep their kingdoms peaceful, and it comes in the form of Prosperity which will "pay huge dividends in gold and manpower".

Crusader Kings 2 The Reapers Due brings forth the plague

If something is worse than being at war with the Mongols, this would be it

Naturally, if you can't deal with the terrible plague that grips the land, you might as well use it to your advantage. Why not proclaim that its the work of your enemies and rally the people against them, or perhaps even announce that this is the work of a higher power and that new measures will need to be enacted in order to prevent divine fury. The choice is going to be yours, but do make sure not to get infected yourself as that will spell a quick end for your legacy.

There is currently no release date set for The Reaper's Due, but the official website lists it as "coming soon", so don't be surprised if an announcement appears during the next few weeks.

Crusader Kings 2 The Reapers Due allows you new choices to make