MultiVersus official screenshot of Stripe from Gremlins as a new character

[Update]: MultiVersus Update 1.05 has added Black Adam, the first Arcade mode and a "Silly Queue".

Only a few weeks have gone by since MultiVersus threw Rick Sanchez into the arena, and already a brand new update has arrived! This one brings with it Stripe from Gremlins as a fast and aggressive Assassin-type character, as well as a Halloween event featuring a bunch of fancy cosmetics.

First things first, allow me to share with you Stripe's gameplay preview. It should give you a pretty good idea of what his abilities are and just how wacky he truly looks. Have a gander:

As you might imagine from that brief preview, Stripe is really fun to mess around with! Unfortunately, the same doesn't apply to the Halloween event as it currently has some serious issues. The good news is that the new cosmetics are really cool, even the ones you can get for free like the Mummy Reindog pictured below:

MultiVersus Halloween screenshot of the Mummy Reindog skin

Absolutely adorable!

The bad news, however, is that getting these skins is not going to be pleasant. The paid ones cost upwards of $20, while the two you can get for free require an absolutely insane amount of grinding. Even if you play with Combat Stripe, Combat Gizmo, or the various Halloween skins that give you a 50% increase to the amount of candy you can receive, collecting the necessary amount will still take dozens upon dozens of hours. It's a bit of a strange choice to make the freebies this difficult to unlock, but I suppose the MultiVersus team really wants these skins to feel exclusive.

Whatever the case may be, you can learn more about the update and the various balance changes accompanying it, over at the official patch notes. Enjoy, and if you can give Stripe a try - he's a blast!