MTG Arena artwork for Harness Infinity

[Update #2]: Inspired by Strixhaven's Mystical Archives, MTG Arena's The Brother's War expansion will be launching on November 15th with a bunch of classic artifacts in tow.

[Update]: MTG Arena's Dungeons & Dragons inspired expansion is arriving on July 8, 2021.

After a full month of previews and teasers, MTG Arena's newest expansion Strixhaven has now finally arrived. It brings with it a whole host of new cards to play around with, almost all of which are heavily spell-focused and themed after the five magical colleges: Lorehold (Red/White), Prismari (Blue/Red), Quandrix (Green/Blue), Silverquill (Black/White), and Witherbloom (Black/Green).

If you're wondering just what these cards are like, as well as what sort of playstyle each of the colleges is going for, you can find your answers over at the Strixhaven card gallery. Wizards of the Coast has nicely sorted them out by color, so it should be fairly easy to figure out what's going on.

Unlike some of the previous sets, however, Strixhaven has also arrived with an additional 63 Mystical Archives cards. These are some of the most unique and powerful spells from all of Magic's history, and even though most of them won't be available in Standard due to their power level, the good majority of them will be perfectly usable in Historic and Brawl formats! You can check these out at the Mystical Archives image gallery.

The good news is that these Mystical Archives cards aren't a part of some special pack you'll need to purchase individually. Instead, there is a guaranteed Mystical Archives card in every single Strixhaven pack, be that a standard pack you open for 1000 gold or the chunky ones in Sealed and Draft. So while it's a considerable amount of extra cards to collect, it shouldn't be too hard to grab a few pieces of your favorites by the time the next expansion arrives.

Have fun with all of the new cards and combos, and I'll leave you with the animated trailer showcasing each of the five colleges. Enjoy!