MTG Arena artwork for the Kaladesh Torrential Gearhulk

[Update]: MTG Arena's viking themed expansion Kaldheim is launching on January 28, 2021.

If you're tired of either being slowly milled out or quickly rushed down in Standard matches, today would be a pretty good day to give MTG Arena's Historic mode a try. I say this because Kadalesh Remastered, a mega set combining cards from Kaladesh and Aether Revolt, has now made its grand entrance.

It brings with it plenty of artifacts and support for some unique deck archetypes, as well as some high-powered control tools like the Torrential Gearhulk that are sure to leave Blue players cackling with glee. As for some of the overpowered and already banned cards like Felidar Guardian and Walking Ballista, those have thankfully not made a reappearance!

You can find the full list of cards, all neatly sorted by color, over at the official website. Even if you've already gone through the list before, I would still recommend giving it a second glance as the developers have added a bunch of new cards since the first reveal, including the always-fun Winding Constrictor.

The final thing worth mentioning is that Kaladesh Remastered has a promo code: TryKaladesh. Unlike some of the other codes this one only gives you a single free Kaladesh Remastered pack, but I suppose even a small gift is better than literally nothing.

Have fun with the 'new' set, and here's to hoping the resulting Historic meta will be just as diverse and interesting as the previous one!