MTG Arena artwork showing off Kaya from Kaldheim

[Update]: MTG Arena's Kaldheim expansion has arrived alongside vikings, angels, elves and plenty of snow.

If you're tired of the current Standard metagame and you're looking for something to shake things up a bit, you'll be pleased to hear that the next expansion is just around the corner. To be more specific, the viking themed Kaldheim will be launching on January 28, 2021 for MTG Arena and MTGO, while the physical version will follow on February 5th.

Given that this is the very first announcement none of the new cards have been revealed just yet, but I think it's safe to say Kaldheim will be continuing on with the double-faced cards introduced with Zendikar Rising. You can expect to see the last few double-faced rare lands to finish off the whole cycle, and if the rumors are true, weapons and enchantments that have creatures on the other side in order to offer a nice bit of flexibility.

When it comes to the Planeswalkers, Kaya and the fan-favorite Tibalt will be making a reappearance. There will also be two brand new Planeswalkers to mess around with: a viking Elf by the name of Tyvar Kell, and Niko Aris who's currently running away from their destiny, and I mean that quite literally! You can read more about the two Planeswalkers and how they came to be over at the official website.

As for the card previews, that will be some happening throughout this week, though the majority will be unveiled after January 7th. That said, this week's previews will all be either accompanied or themed after a variety of metal bands, so it's certainly going to be interesting to see just what Wizards of the Coast have cooked up!

Whatever the case may be, I'll make sure to let you know once Kaldheim is fully detailed and ready to launch.