Official artwork for MTG Arena's Prismari Command

[Update #2]: MTG Arena is pausing development on the long-requested Pioneer Masters set.

[Update]: After a dominating performance, MTG Arena is now banning Time Warp!

While playing in the normal game modes is usually a good time, MTG Arena truly begins to shine whenever any of the over-the-top seasonal modes become involved. As such, I am very happy to say that MTG Arena has just brought in not only one, but two of the most popular ones - Historic Cube and Jumpstart!

Historic Cube is essentially a custom draft format that consists of some of the most powerful cards and synergies available in MTG Arena. So if you're up for playing around with extremely powerful cards without having to spend an obscene amount of wildcards to do so, the Historic Cube is a great place to be! The only downside is that unlike regular drafts you don't get to keep any of the cards, so unless you do really well in your matches your gold reserves might not look quite so happy at the end of it all.

As for Jumpstart, it's a game mode that lets you choose two out of six highly themed 20-card decks that are then combined together to form one (hopefully) cohesive whole. You can do sensible combinations like Milling & Rogues, or you can go completely wacky and choose Unicorns & Phyrexians or even Pirates & Rainbows. Each of these half-decks also comes with a unique land that's not available anywhere else, with some of them being absolutely gorgeous and well worth collecting!

Best of all, unlike Historic Cube, all of the cards you unlock in Jumpstart will be added to your account. What this means is that Jumpstart is a pretty good way of bolstering your Historic collection, provided you always try to go for the more exciting half-decks. You can check out the full list of them, as well as reference their rarities once you see them in-game, over at the Wiki.

Historic Cube will remain available until June 18th, while Jumpstart will last all the way through July 8th. It's also worth mentioning that June 18th will mark the return of Historic Brawl, though this one will be a bit different than usual. Instead of 60 cards, the two upcoming Historic Brawl events will ask you to create 100-card decks instead which should be a jolly good time!

Once the Historic Brawl goes live I'll make sure to let you know. Until then, good luck and have fun with the current events!