MTG Arena The Brother's War artwork showing off Urza and his army

[Update #2]: MTG Arena's The Brothers' War expansion has now arrived with a ton of new and retro artifacts in tow.

[Update]: All of MTG Arena's upcoming The Brothers' War expansion cards have now been revealed.

It took quite a while for us to get here, but I'm very happy to say that Wizards of the Coast will finally be improving MTG Arena's in-game economy with The Brothers War expansion on November 15th. It won't be a small improvement either, as you'll be getting around 60% extra Rare and Mythic cards when purchasing packs, whether this be with gold or gems!

The way this works is surprisingly simple. After each time you purchase ten The Brothers War packs, either as a bundle or individually over time, you will be granted a Golden Pack. This little freebie brings with it a random Mythic card chosen from any of the current Standard sets, three random Standard Rare cards, as well as two random Rare cards from The Brothers War set. 

The good news doesn't end there, however, as these Golden Packs will be "duplicate protected" and will thus only give you cards you don't have. Furthermore, each of the Rare cards has a chance to upgrade to an appropriate Mythic, which should make the process of acquiring a solid collection a whole lot easier than before.

You know what the best thing is? There is no catch! This isn't like the somewhat recent rework of Limited and Event rewards where some things got better and some things got worse - the new Golden Packs are just a straight up bonus! As such, I can only hope this new system will not be a simple one-off to celebrate Magic: The Gathering's 30th anniversary but rather a permanent fixture that will make MTG Arena far more approachable for new players.

Whatever ends up happening in the future, I'll make sure to let you know. Until then, enjoy The Brothers War spoiler season!