MTG Arena artwork for the upcoming Deathrite Shaman card

[Update #2]: Historic Anthology 7 and Explorer Anthology 3 have arrived alongside a nerf to Crucias! 

[Update]: All of MTG Arena's Historic Anthology 7 and Explorer Anthology 3 cards have now been unveiled.

The Lord of the Rings themed set has only just arrived, and already the MTG Arena team has announced the next big influx of cards. However, instead of a massive standalone set, the next batch of cards will come in the form of carefully curated anthologies.

Much like their predecessors, Historic Anthology 7 and Explorer Anthology 3 will bring with them a variety of competitive staples, as well as a bunch of fan-favorite cards like Deathrite Shaman, Acidic Slime or Cyclonic Rift. So regardless if you're interested in competitive formats like Explorer and Historic, or just looking for some big dumb cards to jank with in Historic Brawl, there should be fun new toys for you to mess around with.

Both Historic Anthology 7 and Explorer Anthology 3 will be going live on July 18th and will set you back either 4,000 gems or 25,000 gold. While the price is a bit steep, it's important to mention that each anthology comes with four copies of every card, so they're definitely worth picking up if you're planning to utilize a few playsets.

As for the actual cards, I'm afraid the full list has not been announced just yet. For now, however, you can check out the revealed Explorer cards at the official card gallery, and the Historic ones at their own spoiler gallery.

Once all of the cards get revealed, or the MTG Arena announces anything major, I'll make sure to let you know. Until then, have fun speculating on just what sort of cards we'll be getting!