Magic: The Gathering artwork for Thought-Knot Seer in the Explorer Anthology 2

[Update]: MTG Arena is getting fun jank and competitive staples through Historic Anthology 7 and Explorer Anthology 3 on July 18th.

After a few weeks of teasers and previews, MTG Arena has now unleashed two new mini-expansions to mess around with. However, instead of bringing in more Standard cards, the new additions are all about expanding the Explorer and Alchemy formats.

Explorer Anthology 2, just like its predecessor, brings with it 25 Explorer, Pioneer and Historic legal cards to bolster current deck archetypes and perhaps even create entirely new ones. These include powerful format staples like Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx and Fiery Impulse, as well as janky, Historic Brawl focused cards like Sliver Hivelord and Kozilek, the Great Distortion. You can check out the full list of inclusions over at the MTG website.

The Explorer Anthology 2 will set you back 4,000 gems or 25,000 gold and will give you a full playset (four copies) of each card. So while the price is a bit steep, it's well worth it if you're planning to use even a couple of the rares and mythics.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Alchemy: The Brother's War mini-expansion has now added a variety of cards for Alchemy and the Historic formats. These include cards designed to supplement some of the underdeveloped archetypes from the Standard The Brother's War expansion, as well as a couple of unique and interesting build-arounds to experiment with. You can find the full list of cards, all neatly sorted by color, over at the official website.

The final thing worth mentioning is that the update has added a brand new feature to the game - the Player Inbox. This is essentially an in-game announcement system that will keep you up to date with new set releases and promo codes.

The latter is especially important because unless you visit the MTG Arena subreddit on a daily basis it's incredibly easy to miss out on a bunch of freebies. For example, did you know "RepairandRecharge" is a currently active code for 3,000 Battle Pass experience and 1,000 gold? If not, you might want to claim it as soon as possible since it will be going away on December 20th.

Have fun janking around with all of the new cards, and I'll make sure to let you know once the next big update goes live.