MTG Arena screenshot of the alternate card artwork for Duress and Ghalta

During the recent holiday season MTG Arena devs experimented with the very first special event - a free Pauper mode that offered players a chance to win alternate artwork for Llanowar Elves and Firemind's Research. As you might imagine, the whole event was a resounding success, and so the developers have now decided to expand the concept to Singleton as well.

Much like before, wins in the free Singleton event will give you access to alternate card artwork - this time around for Duress and Ghalta. While both cards are a bit niche, they do see a decent amount of play, so I'd say it's well worth giving the Valentine's Singleton event a shot.

The one rather nasty catch is that this event will only last for a couple of days - until February 18th. So if you find yourself running out of time, just remember that you can simply win one game and then concede in order to quickly get your four copies of Duress. Not exactly ideal, but I'm sure your opponents will thank you for the free wins!

On a completely different note, it's also worth mentioning that MTG Arena has now received a somewhat major update. Nexus of Fate has been banned from best-of-one formats, the recent Individual Card Bug (ICR) has been fixed, best-of-three Direct Challenge has been added, and there's now even a visual indicator to show which cards have been revealed. It took a while to get here, but I certainly won't complain about some nice quality-of-life changes.

And with that said, I'll leave you with the trailer for Valentine's Singleton starring Day[9] and Danny Trejo. Yep, it's about as strange as it sounds!