MTG artwork for Bruenor Battlehammer

[Update #2]: Due to popular request, MTG Arena will be adding a new Pioneer-like format - Explorer.

[Update]: MTG Arena's April 2022 Streets of New Capenna set is all about demons, gangsters and demon gangsters.

Continuing with the recent push towards making draft-focused cards more playable in constructed environments, MTG Arena has now unleashed a brand new Alchemy update. While last time it was zombies that got spruced up, this time around we're looking at a whole bunch of buffs to Elves, Warriors and Equipment.

In order to make Warriors and Equipment more relevant, the update has made them less vulnerable to removal with the addition of Ward effects, as well as cheaper to cast in order to help the deck come online sooner. When it comes to the Elves, it's all about giving the cards a little bit more flexibility and toughness so the deck can survive long enough to overwhelm the opponent.

As an additional little bonus, the update has also strengthened some interesting yet unused cards like Symmetry Sage, Spell Satchel and even Base Camp. So while they most likely won't take the meta by storm given that black-based control is incredibly strong right now, it's a pretty solid step forward for the format.

You can check out the full list of changes, as well as the reasoning behind them, over at the official website.

The final thing worth mentioning, and this has no gameplay relevance whatsoever, is that the update has made it possible to outfit each individual deck with its own avatar, pet and sleeve. Most importantly, we can also look forward to being able to select default basic lands in the (hopefully) near future!

Once the next big update arrives I'll make sure to let you know. Until then, have fun speculating what sort of cards we'll be getting with July's Alchemy Horizons set!