Alchemy: Kamigawa screenshot for the Better Offer card

[Update #2]: MTG Arena's April 7th Alchemy update will buff Elves, Warriors and Equipment.

[Update]: MTG Arena will be adding a bunch of Commander Legends cards with July 2022's Alchemy Horizons set.

In an effort to shake up the Alchemy metagame and push it even further away from Standard, the MTG Arena team has now released the second Alchemy-exclusive mini-set. As the name might suggest, Alchemy: Kamigawa brings with it 30 new digital-only cards with mechanics focused around bolstering some of the new deck archetypes and ideas introduced with the highly popular Kamigawa set.

What these cards look like, as well as what they have to offer, that you can find out over at the MTG website. As always, the cards are all neatly sorted by color, so it should be pretty easy to get a solid idea of what Wizards of the Coast was trying to do with them.

While the card design is pretty fun, Alchemy: Kamigawa unfortunately has the exact same problem as the original Alchemy: Innistrad - the vast majority of the cards are rare or mythic rare. In other words, crafting a playset of your favorites and trying out new deck ideas is going to set you back a ridiculous amount of wildcards.

I can only hope that the MTG Arena team will change things around at some point in the future, because for a format that faces as much scrutiny as Alchemy, keeping the price this high seems rather unwise. Until then, at least Historic Brawl doesn't require more than one copy of a card!

Whatever the future might bring, I'll make sure to let you know once the next big announcement goes live. Until then, have fun with the new cards!