Mirror's Edge official screenshot

A little while back EA teamed up with GOG to release Dragon Age: Origins, Dead Space, and Simcity 3000 as DRM-free downloads, something that came as a rather massive surprise to me given that the two are pretty much direct competitors. However, this deal apparently went over extremely well as they have teamed up once again to release another batch of DRM-free games.

While the previous trio contained only classics, the newcomers are a bit... nuanced when it comes to quality. As you've probably figured out from the title, they new additions to GOG's DRM-free library are Mirror's Edge, Spore, and The Saboteur. Neither of them are bad by any stretch. I'd even go as far as to say that they're all enjoyable games in their own right, but there are certainly a lot of flaws you'll need to overlook in order to find such a joy.

In order to give you a helping hand when it comes to ignoring problems EA has opted to put all three on sale until September 29th. If jumping off buildings is your thing you can grab onto Mirror's Edge for €8/$10. Those more inclined towards global domination can find the Spore Collection at a €11/$12 price tag. And finally, those wishing to fight off the Nazis in yet another game will be able to do so in The Saboteur for €9/$10.

Are these three games even worth the trouble, though? Honestly... I'm not actually sure. I've played through all three, and while I've certainly enjoyed them all at the time I can't say that the years have been kind. If you do decide to grab just one of them, purely for curiosity's sake, I would most likely advise going for Mirror's Edge. It has just as many flaws as the rest of them, but the concept hasn't really been done in many other games, so it should still feel fresh and unique.