Dragon Age: Origins' screenshot featuring a dragon

In a bit of an unexpected move, especially since Origin is a direct competitor, EA has teamed up with GOG to release DRM-free versions for a couple of their games.

Best of all, they haven't just chosen random pieces of shovelware, but rather some pretty damn good games. As you can probably guess from the title alone, Dragon Age: Origins, Dead Space and SimCity 3000 were the chosen trio and they can now be found DRM-free on GOG. That's not where the good news ends, however, as all of them are currently on a steep discount to celebrate their DRM-free debut!

You can grab Dragon Age: Origins - Ultimate Edition for €7,30 with the currently ongoing 60% discount, Dead Space for the exact same price and discount, and SimCity 3000 for €4,60 with the 50% discount.

If you're working on a bit of a budget, or just don't have time for all of them, my recommendation goes towards the Dragon Age bundle. Not only is it a truly amazing RPG with a great cast of characters and some rock-solid combat, it also features well over 60 hours of content! I've played through it numerous times now and I consider it one of my favorite RPGs, so if you're looking to accidentally lose entire weeks of your time, give it a look.